Learn product design and don't be lonely! 😊

What is Product Classroom?

We're an online classroom and friendly Slack community for students who are self-learning product design. Members are part of small groups that hold each other accountable and work through a design curriculum together throughout the semester, along with guest lectures from industry product designers!

Why should I join?

You get a chance to learn product design with other students and directly from industry designers. We're students who are all in the same boat, and joining us gives you access to a supportive, intimate, and engaged learning community.

We're trying to make learning product design more accessible to students from all backgrounds and majors.

Who are our guest lecturers?

Sabrina Majeed, Design Manager @ GitHub Ryan Mather, Interaction Designer @ Google (Advanced Technology and Projects Group) Nic Bertino, Director of User Experience @ AppFolio Jill Tiutan, Product Design Intern at Facebook

more coming soon!

Are you interested in helping as a mentor or guest speaker? Email productclassroom@gmail.com!

Who is it for?

Anyone who is a current university student or recent grad.

What will I be doing?

You will be working on an individual project that covers the design process from start (problem finding) to finish (high-fidelity). Every week, there will be one assignment (with recommended readings) and guest lectures. You'll be matched with 3-4 other students based on time zone and experience level. These small groups will meet once a week to keep each other accountable, discuss the week's topic, and get feedback from one another!

What's the curriculum?


How do I join?

Sign-ups for fall 2020 are now closed. If you're interested in joining us in the spring, follow us on LinkedIn for updates!

Who's behind Product Classroom?

We're Christine, Carolina, Amber, and Olivia! We are students self-learning product design who wanted to build a community for students in the same boat to support each other and not feel lonely. 🥰


💌 productclassroom@gmail.com

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