🌈 Product Classroom Weekly - 11/9

Week 9

Happy Monday, Product Classmates! 🌠

We’re nearing the final stretch! Some of you have begun high-fidelity prototyping and we’re so excited to see everyone’s progress. Be sure to ask for feedback from your peers and mentors whenever you get stuck.

Last Week’s Recap:

Got some feedback on where you are currently at with your project! Apply any advice moving forward.

🖌 This Week’s Assignments

  • Continue prototyping, designing, testing. Start high fidelity prototypes.

  • Start developing visual branding and ideas for how you might market your solution (e.g. on a public poster, in the app store), branding guidelines and creating key app icons and components

Deliverable: Any brainstorming or sketches on your visual branding can be uploaded to Notion as always.

All directions for Week 9 can be found here.As always, if you’re lost, ask for help! We’re all here for you. ♥️

🌏 Events - Mark Your Calendars!

11/10: Guest Lecture - Visual Design Foundations by Marcelino Llano, Product Designer @BeBanjo

  • Given how many students in the Product Classroom are new to design, we will talk fundamentals in this session. We will introduce some rules to organize interface elements, jump from low to high fidelity prototypes, and if there is time, some practical tips to work with type, color, and grids.

  • 10:00AM - 11:00AM EST Register Here


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