🌈 Product Classroom Weekly - 11/30

Week 12

Welcome Back, Product Classmates! 🌠

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break (for those who celebrate)! We took a break off last week to freshen up our minds. Get ready to wrap up this semester!

🌏 Events - Mark Your Calendars!

12/3: Guest Lecture - Your Tragic Design by Nic Bertino, Director of User Experience @AppFolio

  • No one wants to make a bad product. In this case study, we take a critical look at WordPress' Gutenberg and the factors that led to it being universally panned upon launch. We also examine what makes Gutenberg's design tragic and the accessibility failures that led to it being unusable for content creators using assistive technologies.

  • 8:00PM - 9:00PM EST Register Here

12/5: Guest Lecture - Designing For Privacy by Jenn Julian, Product Designer @Instagram


by UOL Edtech

πŸ˜› It’s Almost Over

by u/Caramelcat8

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