🌈 Product Classroom Weekly - 11/16

Week 10

Happy Mid-November, Product Classmates! 🌠

As you finish up and get ready for Thanksgiving, be sure to continue looking for feedback as you work.

Last Week’s Recap:

Continued with High Fidelity prototypes.

πŸ–Œ This Week’s Assignments

  • Continue prototyping, designing, testing

  • Begin prototyping interaction and animations (clickable prototype)

  • Create mockups and videos of prototypes to prepare for final presentation

Deliverable: Any brainstorming or sketches on your visual branding can be uploaded to Notion as always.

All directions for Week 10 can be found here.As always, if you’re lost, ask for help! We’re all here for you. β™₯️

🌏 Events - Mark Your Calendars!

No Guest Lectures this week! Look out for updates on the Slack channel.


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